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CX Bargaining Unit Negotiations

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Tentative Agreement Reached for CX!
Post Date: March 23, 2017

Through our organizing and display of strength at the worksite, we moved the University to a Tentative Agreement that will help and protect all CX-Unit workers. We pushed the University off their initial proposal of an insufficient 7.7% wage increase over the term, to a guaranteed 19.4% compounded increase over a 5-year Agreement. 

  • $1200 Lump Sum on Ratification
  • Guaranteed 6.1% Compounded Raise by July 2017 (3% on ratification & 3% on 7/1)
  • Guaranteed 19.4% Compounded Raise Over the 5-Year Agreement
  • All raises guaranteed – no one “topped out”, not subject to “merit” or favoritism.

Your CX-Unit Bargaining Team and Local 2010’s Executive Board unanimously recommends the adoption of the Tentative Agreement reached with the University of California on March 21, 2017. After a multi-year strategic campaign comprised of building Union power, worksite actions, and ultimately a system-wide strike, Teamsters Local 2010 has achieved a Tentative Agreement (TA) for the 12,000 administrative, clerical, and support workers.
The Tentative Agreement includes a number of hard fought and won protections with respect to wages, benefits, and working conditions. Through our worksite actions, we’ve achieved the best deal possible for CX-Unit members, with a guaranteed 19.4% compounded wage increase over 5-years and a number of protections as we face an uncertain future.
Highlights of the Tentative Agreement are as follows:
WAGES (except LBNL)
  • Provides $1,200 Lump Sum on Ratification - taxed as wage payment not a bonus.
  • Guarantees a 6.1% compounded increase for all unit employees by July 2017
  • Guarantees a 19.4% compounded increase over Agreement.
  • All raises guaranteed -- no unfair “merit”-based scheme for raises, including at LBNL.
  • Reopener for wages, to ensure fairness and equity. 
LBNL Wages
  • Guaranteed 3% increases: October 2016, October 2017, October 2018
  • Retro payment back to October 2016 (in lieu of lump sum)
    • Subsequent raises to be negotiated.
  • “Merit” pool eliminated – all raises guaranteed. 
  • 5-Years: Expires March 31, 2022.
  • Protects affordability, by capping the University’s ability to increase employee contributions.
  • Ensures continued affordability of coverage by adjusting Pay Bands with inflation.
  • Maintains current medical plan options and benefit levels. 
  • Protects and maintains pension benefits, including employee contribution rates for current and future members.
  • Safeguards against increases in employee contributions, requiring the UC to bargain with the Union over any proposed changes. 
  • Protects our right to join together and take action as Teamsters to improve conditions.
  • Requires UC to provide progressive discipline before terminating an employee, except for severe misconduct. 
  • Protects Union access to the workplace, to communicate with members.
  • Honors our Member Power Form.

This achievement is due to the hard work, dedication and commitment of Local 2010 members, activists, and leaders. A huge thank you goes out to all of us who showed our strength these past years during member power building campaigns, numerous legislative visits, and countless workplace actions which escalated as negotiations progressed.  By standing together as Teamsters, we showed the true power of solidarity.

In the coming weeks, you will have a chance to vote on this Tentative Agreement. Remember, only full-Teamster members can vote - membership forms will be available at polling places.  We encourage everyone in the CX bargaining unit to sign up for full membership and let their voice be heard.

You can find a summary of the TA here.  Information on the voting timeline and procedures, as well as the full text of the Tentative Agreement, and FAQ's will be sent out in the coming days.
In Solidarity,

CX Bargaining Team and Local 2010 Executive Board

Strike Tomorrow: Unions Stand United at CX Bargaining
Post Date: Tuesday, February 21

On Thursday February 16, 2017, your CX Bargaining Team met with the University to continue contract negotiations.
We were joined at the table by leaders of the other major UC Unions – UPTE, AFSCME, and UAW – who all voiced their support for the Teamsters and against the University’s proposed 2016 pension tier.  The Unions joined together to oppose the University’s attempts to move workers from the secure defined benefit pension into a risky, expensive 401(k)-style plan that does not provide a guaranteed retirement.   
The Local 2010 team countered the UC’s previous wage proposal:

Year UC Teamsters
2016* 3% ATB + $400 Lump Sum 5% ATB + $1,200 Lump Sum
2017 1% ATB + 1 "Merit" Based Step 3% ATB + 1 Guaranteed Step
2018 3% ATB + $400 Lump Sum 3% ATB + 1 Guaranteed Step
2019 1% ATB + 1 "Merit" Based Step 3% ATB + 1 Guaranteed Step
2020 3% ATB + $400 Lump Sum 3% ATB + 1 Guaranteed Step
2021 1% ATB + 1 "Merit" Based Step 3% ATB + 1 Guaranteed Step
*Effective Date - UC: upon ratification, Teamsters: Dec. 1, 2016

We have made progress on several non-economic issues, including the rights of Union members to engage in Union activity in the workplace.
This bargaining session came just days after leaders of all UC Unions went to Sacramento and jointly lobbied the Legislature against the UC retirement scheme.  Legislators are extremely concerned about the fact that the University has reneged on its promise to bargain with the Unions regarding the pension plan, and is now trying to force it on represented workers. Legislators are also unhappy that the University will waste about $500 million on its new pension scheme, while UC is raising tuition and requesting more funding from the state.

The parties are working to set dates for further negotiations. 
We must continue to stand together as Teamsters and fight for fair wages and a decent retirement.  Contact your Union Representative or come to the next Union meeting to get involved!

CX Bargaining Resumes after Systemwide Strike

Post Date: Monday, February 6

Our Bargaining team met with the University on February 1 and 2, the first negotiation session since the CX-Unit’s systemwide ULP strike. In the wake of our strike, the University improved its previous offer by increasing the amounts of proposed lump sum payments.  However, the University has not yet improved its proposal on wage increases, so the parties have not yet reached agreement.

“We need to see a fair proposal on across-the-board wage increases,” Teamster Chief Negotiator Jason Rabinowitz told the University team.  “That is what improves workers’ lives over time and addresses the problem of hunger and unlivable wages at UC.”

Two high-level representatives from the Office of the President – the Vice President of Human Resources and the Director of Labor Relations – joined management’s side of the table this session, and gave assurance that the President wants to reach a deal with Local 2010.

Both parties have committed to explore further options and the Teamster bargaining team continues to demand a fair offer which addresses:

  •       the UC has held down our real wages by 24% over the past two decades;
  •       that 70% of CX-Unit workers are hungry or food insecure;
  •       rising healthcare and parking rates;
  •       and protecting our defined benefit retirement plan.
 Of note, the Union and Management are still working productively to clear the negotiating table of language issues, and progress is still being made.

The parties tentatively agreed to meet for additional bargaining the week of Feb 13.

Strike Tomorrow: Updates and Strike Info
Post Date: Monday, January 9

Dear UC Teamster:

We are on strike January 10 for fair treatment, rain or shine!  Click to find your picket reporting location and more information.

Now that we have resolved to strike, the University says they care about us, but actions speak louder than words:

UC has driven down real wages by 24% over the past two decades, so that most of us are paid too little to afford the necessities of life, and 70% suffer from hunger or food insecurity.  UC negotiators say that they do not care whether we are paid enough to live – they only care about “cost of labor.”  They have bargained in bad faith on wages, delaying for months, stonewalling at every turn. 

The current UC wage offer is totally insufficient: 12-18% over six fiscal years.  That’s only 2% a year on average in guaranteed increases, not even enough to keep up with inflation. The rest of the proposed increases are not guaranteed – they are step increases that many of us don’t get. 
Yesterday UC changed its offer slightly, adding a few small lump sum payments that would not be base-building, but taking away caps on parking and medical costs that they had previously agreed to – yet another unfair labor practice.  The Union has proposed reasonable, guaranteed raises, but the University has refused to compromise for a fair contract.

Health Care:
We have good health benefits, but the current UC proposal would permit the University to raise employee contributions or lower benefits at any time without limit.  Increased medical contributions and costs could eat into or eliminate our raises, as they have in the past.  The Union is proposing a freeze on employee contributions, so we can end the University’s practice of giving raises with one hand and taking them away with the other.  

We have a good defined benefit pension plan, which provides a guaranteed income for a secure retirement. UC’s proposal would undermine our pension by moving to a risky, expensive 401(k)-style plan that does not provide a secure retirement.  Teamsters have proposed to retain the current pension tiers to guarantee the dignified retirement we have earned.

We are tired of the University’s unfair treatment and lack of appreciation for the hardworking administrative support workers who make UC work every day.  The time has come for UC Teamsters to stand together and show UC our power and our worth by striking on January 10! 

Post Date: Thursday, December 8, 2016

Teamsters Local 2010 members of the CX-Unit (clerical, administrative and related classifications) will conduct a legal and protected one-day strike at the University of California on January 10, 2017.  The elected Teamsters CX bargaining team called the strike, and the Strike Plan was unanimously approved by the Local 2010 Statewide Council and General Membership Meeting this past Saturday.

We are striking to protest the numerous unfair labor practices (ULPs) and violations of state law committed by UC.   We are also coordinating with and supporting Teamsters Local 2010 members in the skilled trades, who will also be on strike in January.  By striking we will be making a display of strength, to pressure UC to bargain in good faith, and bolstering our fight to lift the wages of CX-Unit and help prevent hunger among many full-time UC workers and their families.

Strike Tool Kit

Strike Tool Kit (LBNL Version)

We are so underpaid that 70% suffer from hunger or food insecurity. Our real wages have decreased by 24% over the last eighteen years.  Yet the University has delayed bargaining for many months, refusing to provide a reasonable economic offer, breaking numerous promises, showing that they do not care that workers are underpaid and hungry, and have no intention of bargaining in good faith. 

The University insisted for months on an insulting offer of an annual 1% across the board wage increase, plus a step for some workers, for 5 years.  After we threatened our strike, they improved the offer to 12-18% over five years, giving in to our demands for an additional raise this year, and more guaranteed increases.

But the offer is still not enough to address the problems of low wages and food insecurity we face.  UC has circulated misleading information regarding negotiations and their offer.  You can get the facts in our bargaining update.

As a result of the months of delay and bad faith bargaining by the University, the contract expired on Friday, December 9, 2016, and no further negotiations are scheduled.  Therefore, we are no longer constrained by the Contract’s no-strike provision, and we are legally permitted to strike in protest of the University’s unfair practices, and in sympathy with our brothers and sisters in the skilled trades.

Our strike is legal and protected action under California law.  You cannot be disciplined, fired, or replaced for participating. You are not paid for the time you are on strike – no sick or vacation time can be used.  However, CX members who honor the strike and serve on the picket line will receive a $100 strike benefit for the day from the Local 2010 strike fund.

The University has unlawfully tried to scare workers out of participating in the strike, so they can continue to mistreat and underpay us.  They have even falsely stated that the strike is “potentially unlawful.”  Don’t be taken in by their dishonest double-talk and scare tactics.  Get all the facts about the strike in our Frequently Asked Questions.  For the LBNL version of the FAQ click here

We refuse to continue to allow Teamsters Local 2010 members to be mistreated and underappreciated, while executive pay skyrockets, tuition increases, and the University grows ever wealthier.  Now is the time to stand together for fairness, respect and a living wage! 
We call on every member of the CX unit to join the strike on January 10.  Watch your email and for more information as it becomes available, including the location of picket lines at your location.  Or contact your Union Rep or come to chapter Union meetings.  Also, show your support by printing and displaying the table tent in your work station.

One Day for Fairness – One Day for Our Future!


Post Date: Thursday, December 8, 2016

Our Teamsters Local 2010 campaign for a fair contract is showing results, as the University returned to the bargaining table today and gave in to several of the Union’s key demands:
(1) The University for the first time agreed to provide a total of six raises during the life of the five-year contract, including two raises in the first year. This helps to compensate us for not receiving a raise in 2016. UC had previously insisted on only five raises during the life of the contract 
(2) The University agreed to make several of the raises “across-the-board” increases, which everyone receives, rather than 1% plus a step that not everyone gets.
 We have succeeded in pressuring the University to improve its offer, but what they are proposing is still not sufficient to address the problem that our real wages are down by 24% over the past 18 years, and wages are so low that over 70% suffer from hunger or food insecurity. 
We succeeded in moving UC this far – we need to keep pushing to win a contract that is fair and pays workers enough to live!
The improved offer is the direct result of the pressure we are placing on the University to pay workers enough to live.  For months, the University has been bargaining in bad faith, and refusing to increase their previous offer of less than 15% over five years.  Just yesterday, as we informed you, the University was still refusing to improve the offer, and the parties ended negotiations. 
Under our threat of a strike, however, today the University returned to the table, and improved their offer by about 3%.  The parties met through the morning and into the afternoon today, continuing to make progress. 
Some of you may have received a letter from the University, dated December 8, that is extremely misleading.  The chart below explains what the actual offer is, and how it compares the UC’s previous offer.  It is important to keep in mind the difference between an across-the-board (ATB) increase, which everyone gets, and a step increase, which is worth about 2% but under UC’s proposal only goes to those who receive a satisfactory or better evaluation, and who are not at the top of their salary range.

DATE UC’s Previous Offer UC Offer of 12-8-2016
Upon Ratification 0% 3% ATB
July 1, 2017    1% ATB
+ Step for eligible employees    
1% ATB
+ Step for eligible employees
July 1,  2018    1% ATB
+ Step for eligible employees    
3% ATB
July 1,  2019    1% ATB
+ Step for eligible employees   
1% ATB
+ Step for eligible employees
July 1, 2020    1% ATB
+ Step for eligible employees   
3% ATB
July 1,  2021    1% ATB
+ Step for eligible employees   
1% ATB
+ Step for eligible employees
5% - 15%
(depending upon eligibility)
12% - 18%
(depending upon eligibility)
The University said they could not offer more than 5-15% over the term of the new contact.  They are now proposing a wage increase of 12-18%, over the five year term, depending upon eligibility.  This shows that our contract campaign is succeeding in moving UC towards a fair contract.  Now we must keep up the pressure so UC will provide a fair wage proposal that pays workers enough to live. 
At this time, there are no further bargaining sessions scheduled.  Teamsters Local 2010 continues to call for our legal and protected one-day strike of CX-Unit workers on January 10, 2017.  


Post Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Today the University of California continued to bargain in bad faith with the Teamsters, showing that UC and its President, Janet Napolitano, do not care that workers are not paid enough to live and suffer from hunger and food insecurity. 
The Union had agreed to extend the existing contract and return to the table today, after being assured that President Napolitano was working to put together a fair, improved economic offer in order to end the months of delay by the University. 
Instead, in a stunning failure of leadership by the President, the University failed to provide any offer to the Union team in today’s bargaining session.  The President’s actions, in inviting us to bargain and then showing up with no offer, displayed shocking disrespect for the bargaining team and the workers we represent.
After months of delay, and numerous promises to the Union and the State Legislature that it would provide a fair offer to address inadequate wages and hunger at UC, the University refused to improve on its previous insulting proposal: a 1% across the board wage increase and a step increase for some workers, for five years.  The University continued to refuse to provide a raise for 2016.
Therefore, Teamsters Local 2010 is calling for a legal and protected one-day strike of CX-Unit workers on January 10, 2017.   Also, the Union will be filing additional legal charges against the University for its bad faith bargaining. No further negotiations have been scheduled at this time.    
The administrative support workers who make UC work – who are overwhelmingly women and majority people of color – have seen our real wages decline by 24% over the past two decades.  Wages are so low that over 70% suffer from hunger or food insecurity, even while working full-time for one of the wealthiest Universities in the country.  The University’s continued bad faith bargaining shows that the University does not care that we are not paid enough to live, and that they have been bargaining in bad faith.   
The Teamsters Union has called upon President Napolitano to provide the leadership that UC and our state need.  The time has come for the University of California to pay its workers enough to live, to serve the public by creating good jobs in our communities, rather than being part of the problem of declining middle class standards, and creating hunger and deprivation in our communities.  Unfortunately the President has failed the test of leadership
We are striking to protest the numerous unfair labor practices (ULPs) and violations of state law committed by UC.  We are joining with and showing our support for other Teamsters Local 2010 members, skilled trades workers, who will take a ULP strike in January .
For more information about the January 10th strike, including answers to frequently asked questions, click here or go to

Post Date: Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bargaining Continues with No New Wage Proposals
The CX Bargaining team met on November 2 and 3 with the UC and continued to make progress on our next contract.  Unfortunately, the University failed to provide a new wage proposal, and the current offer from UC is totally inadequate.
This was the first meeting since the release of Occidental College’s report of Food Insecurity, which found that 70% of CX-Unit members are defined as food insecure by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
We urge you to join the bargaining team in making it clear to management that their latest offer of 1% across the board and one-step increase (based on performance evaluation) per year is insufficient. This offer does nothing to catch-up for the fact:

  • the UC has held down our real-wages by 24% over the past two decades;
  • that 70% of CX-Unit workers are food insecure.

With contract expiration just 23 days away, Teamster members are standing together and taking action across the state for a fair contract, and every member needs to be involved.  Contact your Union Representative or steward to find out how you can join in making the University know that we deserve what we are asking for.
The Union did secure a number of important language wins during this last bargaining session, including:

  • Article 5 – Corrective Action, Discipline and Dismissal: the Union won clarification that the University must provide progressive discipline when disciplining a worker. That is to say, “the punishment must fit the crime.”  Before terminating a worker, the University must use lesser discipline to give the worker the chance to continue working and improve their performance.  Additionally, we won a language change the now prohibits the University from imposing a permanent wage reduction as discipline.     
  • Article 25 – Payroll Deductions: Important language changes were won that allow the Union to continue to represent members despite possible attacks on workers’ rights coming through the Supreme Court.
  • Article 38 – Training and Development: the Union combined the language found in Appendix R, which clarified the intent of training and development, and the type of training that is eligible.  In addition, the UC must respond within fifteen days when a worker submits a request. 

The next scheduled bargaining sessions are November 17-18 and November 28-29.

When We Stand Together, We Win Together!


Teamster Voices Must Be Heard - UC: PAY WORKERS
Post Date: Thursday, October 6, 2016
UC management gave the CX bargaining team the latest in a string of substandard wage proposals, on Friday, September 30.

The UC is now offering a 1.0% across-the-board wage increase, with a conditional one-step increase, per year. This is an insulting offer for a number of reasons:
  • Does not address the reality that CX-Unit workers have not received a raise in 2016;
  • Does not address the fact that the UC has held down CX-Unit real-wages by 24%;
  • Does not address the ineligibility of workers who have topped out of their wage range;
  • Does not address the conditional, unfair and discriminatory performance evaluations for step increase eligibility;
  • Does not address the ever-rising parking and van pool costs;
  • Does not address the increasing pressure of medical contributions;
  • Does not address the threat to our pension and retirement security,
Teamsters Local 2010 members must continue to build power at the worksite. Bargaining team members have made fair and reasonable proposals at the table to address all of these issues. Now is the time when we need to build strength and win the contract we deserve through member power.
Teamsters Local 2010 members are building power at the worksite to push back against the UC’s position.   Now is the time for each one of us to increase our participation in worksite actions so that we can together win the contract we deserve.

When We Stand Together, We Win Together!


Post Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2016

At the most recent bargaining session, taking place on August 31 and September 1, the University made a second insulting economic proposal. Bargaining team members acknowledged movement on behalf of UC, but noted how inadequate their offer was.
The UC upped their initial proposal by only one-half a percentage point, offering a one-step increase, per year. It was made clear that this offer was not even close to reasonable, as it will potentially just cover the increases in inflation over the contract term, and do nothing to address the fact that UC has held down CX-Unit wages nearly 24% over the past two decades.
Nonetheless, progress did continue. The Union and University were able to reach tentative agreements on two more articles of our contract: Probationary Period and University Policies. We have now tentatively closed twelve out of thirty-nine opened articles.
It is vital that Teamsters Local 2010 members continue to show power at the workplace. We must show the University that we will not accept their substandard proposals and that CX-Unit workers demand a fair contract.  With continued strong presence at Union actions and events, we will have the leverage at the bargaining table to secure the raises we deserve to correct two decades of wage injustice.  
When We Stand Together, We Win Together!


Post Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2016

 Our CX bargaining team rejected the UC’s initial wage proposal presented on Tuesday, August 16, 2016.
“This wage offer is a non-starter. What the UC has proposed won’t even keep up with inflation,” said Secretary-Treasurer and Chief Negotiator Jason Rabinowitz. “We’ve presented data showing our members real wages have been held down by UC 24% over the past two decades. Our initial proposal for fair wage increases is based on facts and data, which we’ve shared. I don’t see any justification in your initial proposal, just an insulting figure that will keep our members in dire straits.”
The UC’s proposal consisted of measly 1.5% annual increases and represents a blatant disregard of our members’ hard work and contributions to the University of California.  
“We waited weeks for your response to our wage proposal,” said President Catherine Cobb.  “The hardworking women and men of of the CX-Unit are struggling to make ends meet. Our members shared their experiences with you, being unable to afford housing, food, and transportation on the UC’s poverty wages. Yet, after hearing their struggles first hand, seeing our presentations, and academic studies, you respond with this?”
Teamsters Local 2010 proposed fair wage increases two months ago. We will continue to fight to secure the raises our members deserve.  Now, it is our turn to counter at the table and most importantly at the workplace to show UC management how serious Teamsters Local 2010 members are about correcting two decades of wage injustice.  
When We Stand Together, We Win Together!

CX Bargaining Update

Post Date: July 30, 2016

On July 21 and 22, our CX Bargaining Team met with the UC’s negotiating team at Local 2010’s Oakland office. We were looking forward to receiving the University’s first response to our fair and reasonable wage demand, but the team was disappointed to learn that after six weeks, the UC wasn’t prepared to counter. This is the second time, that the University has reneged on their intention to respond to our fair wage proposal. Our Local 2010 proposal is to guarantee annual increases and to make progress against the 24% our real-wages have been held down over the past two decades.

As we previously reported, two weeks ago at our bargaining session CX-Unit members gave powerful testimony, telling the University what it was like to struggle on the UC’s poverty wages.
At the bargaining session on July 6, 7, and 8, many issues and articles were discussed at the table. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Arbitration Process: There has been good progress made on this article. Both sides had a number of changes contained in their initial proposals. Of note, the University had wanted to inject “preponderance of the evidence” language into the article – which is legalese for unfairly tilting establishing the burden of proof against workers. The Union was able to negotiate the University off of that position.
  • Grievance Procedure: The Union responded to UC’s proposal containing a number of changes, including: extended the required response time for the University from 15 to 30 days, and establishing UC veto power over a Step 1 grievance if no Informal Meeting is held. The Union pushed back hard on these proposed takeaways, as we find it vital to protect members’ rights through the grievance procedure.
  • Work Rules: The Union rejected the University’s proposed carte blanche on conducting background checks.  The UC wants to make all current workers subject to unnecessary and unwarranted scrutiny, which may cause detrimental outcomes to our members. We remain open to discussing specific fixes, to specific legal compliance issues, but are against wholesale and broad changes to policies affecting all CX members.
  • Performance Evaluation: While the University didn’t pass a formal counterproposal, the UC did acknowledge our position that having well over twenty different evaluation processes across different campuses is frustrating. The UC is looking at the issue and thinks that a uniform evaluation might be achievable.
  • University Benefits: The Union gave a presentation to the UC about establishing a supplemental Teamster’s Western Conference pension for CX-unit members. With the University introducing a dangerous and risky pension opt out (defined contribution or 401k-style option) in the University of California’s 2016 Retirement Tier, Local 2010 is exploring an additional supplement to our existing UC retirement benefit to ensure a dignified retirement. Local 2010 objects to this risky opt out and will defend our guaranteed pensions. One of the many benefits of being a Teamster, is having access the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan, which is America’s largest multi-employer pension plan that is funded at 92%, versus the UC’s 73%. The bargaining team is working to submit a formal counterproposal in August. 
  • Wages: In addition to the many compelling stories shared by CX-Unit members, the Union also gave a presentation contrasting the “Cost of Living” and the “Cost of Labor.” The University kept saying that they don’t use the cost of living (CPI) when looking at wage increases, but instead they rely on the cost of labor (ECI). The Union too has looked at the cost of labor and when comparing the two indices, found that when applying the ECI metric, the UC has held down CX real-wages to an even greater extent than with CPI – 22.2% versus 21.2% respectively over the same period. Click here to view a copy of the presentation made at the bargaining table.
Negotiations took place again on July 21 and 22 – despite no response from the UC on our wage proposal.  The talks were quite productive and progress continued.

Tentative agreements were reached on the articles listed below.Tentative agreement means that both parties have agreed in writing to a particular article.  Once the elected bargaining team has reached tentative agreement on all articles including wages, there will be a vote of Local 2010 members as to whether to accept or reject the tentative agreements to create our new contract.
  • Union Leave: Tentative agreement was reached on a sub-section on this Article, while a number of issues still remain. However, both sides were eager to come to an understanding on how Union activists are to be treated when taking a short or long-term leave from the UC. Under the new language, a worker will no longer take an unpaid break in service but will instead continue to both be paid and accrue sick, vacation, and pension credit from the University; the Union will reimburse the UC that worker’s cost. 
  • Arbitration Process: The Union and University have tentatively agreed on mostly unchanged language. The substantive changes would include allowing electronic filing, which will help the Union work more efficiently to enforce the contract, and update the list of approved arbitrators, as there are a number of vacancies that need to be filled.
  • Grievance Procedure: There were a few small changes, all of which we believe will enable the Union to protect the rights of members more efficiently and faster. The tentative agreement will enable electronic filing of grievances, clarified the Union’s ability to skip Step 1 if desired, as well as established a requirement for parties to set a mutually agreed on timeline for grievances held in abeyance.
  • Personnel Files: Under the new tentative agreement, personnel files can be held electronically, and the article was updated to comply with legal requirements. The Union had to fight for, and ultimately won a tentative agreement preserving the ability of a worker to remove a document from their record for discipline purposes. In the event the UC is required to legally maintain the requested document for longer than two years, the document will be held separately and will no longer eligible to be used or relied upon for disciplinary action. With respect to electronic record keeping, a ‘receipt’ email will confirm a deletion of the file following the proper request procedure.
  • Positions/Appointments: A tentative agreement was reached for current contract language.
To date, Local 2010’s bargaining team and the University have reached Tentative Agreements on nine of the twenty-five opened contract articles.
Work continued on a number of outstanding issues, including:
  • Wages: The Union passed an amended wage proposal to include the issue of the minimum wage, as has been done with past contracts.  Our proposal now explicitly states Local 2010’s clear vision for a CX-Unit minimum wage rate of $20 / '20.

CX Bargaining Update

Post Date: June 14, 2016

On June 7 and 8, the Teamsters Local 2010 CX Bargaining Team met for a fifth round of bargaining with UC at Local 2010’s Oakland office, and put forward the Union’s opening wage proposal.  The Teamster proposal is fair and justified after two decades in which UC drove down our real income by 24%, so that 93% of us are paid too little to meet a basic family budget. 
But UC has not yet agreed to fair raises, and instead their initial “sunshine” document proposed to take away our guaranteed raises in favor of so-called “merit pay,” which is nothing more than a favoritism scheme.
To make matters worse, UC proclaims that it does not care about cost of living for its employees, but only “cost of labor!”  The Teamsters say to UC: our work makes the University work, and if you don’t care whether you are paying us enough to live – you should!  And the Teamsters will continue to stand together to take action until you treat us fairly.
So over the coming weeks and months we need all UC Teamsters to stand together in support of a fair contract, beginning on June 21, when we will hold our statewide action to say to UC: “Hands off our Guaranteed Wages!” and “Pay Workers Enough to Live!”
Following are the highlights of the Teamster wage proposal.  Keep in mind this is the Union’s initial proposal and the University has not agreed to it; we continue to fight to win fair raises.

  • Guaranteed Wage Increases:
    • Across the Board Increases: The Union proposed fair, annual, across the board wage increases, of 5% per year over a five-year contract, beginning July 1, 2016. This proposal would remedy the unjust pay practices of the past two decades and fairly compensate UC’s essential CX-Unit workers.
    • Step Increases: The Union additionally proposed an annual step increase for all CX-unit workers, beginning July 1, 2016, to reward longevity of service to the University. All workers who are currently employed would be eligible. This proposal removes the unfairness of denying a step increase based on UC’s arbitrary and inconsistent evaluation process.
  • Wage Ranges: We proposed extending every title’s wage range upwards to 20 steps. Currently, most ranges have 17 steps, and some have even fewer.  Our proposal will fix the issue of not having enough steps for a few titles such as Clerk, Library Assistant, and Child Development Assistant.  It will also give folks in every other title who have topped out a little more room to receive recognition for their longevity.
    • Topping Out: The Union has submitted language changes that would grant workers who have reached their top step to receive a one-time, annualized, lump sum payment.
  • Local Awards: The bargaining team offered changes to make CX-Unit workers eligible for all Local Award programs. Our workers contribute to the success of a department and if everyone else is rewarded based on that success, so should we.
  • Addressing Geographic Wage Disparity: The Union has proposed that the UC remedy their long-standing geography-based wage disparity. California and the UC don't look like they used to 30 years ago.  Once “rural” campuses are now among some of the most expensive places to live in the country.

We are expecting a counter proposal from the University at our next bargaining session scheduled for July 5-7, and we expect UC’s proposal to be fair to our members whose hard work makes the University work.
We continue to fight against the pension takeaways being proposed by the University.  Click here to view the facts on the University's pension proposal.
UC management must see and feel how serious Teamsters Local 2010 members are about correcting two decades of wage injustice.  Ensure that you and your coworkers are engaged and participate in the June 21 action. If you need more info contact your Union Representative.

When We Stand Together, We Win Together!

In Solidarity,

--CX Bargaining Team

Jason Rabinowitz, Chief Negotiator
Catherine Cobb, President
Mike Erazo, Berkeley & OP
Lani Richardson, Davis
Justin Stewart, Irvine
Anytra Henderson, LBNL
Jackie Spears, Los Angeles
Christy Brown-Anderson, Riverside
Peggy Morrison, San Diego
Linda Markey, San Francisco
Laurence Young, Santa Barbara
Brenda Robles, Santa Cruz

CX Bargaining Update

Post Date: June 3, 2016

On May 25 and 26, the Teamsters Local 2010 CX Bargaining Team met for a fourth round of bargaining with UC at Local 2010’s Bellflower office. The pace of progress continued as we’ve taken up nearly every major issue to be negotiated in the new contract. The Union has passed proposals on nearly every contract article we have opened on, and provided counter-proposals to each of the University’s proposals.

The team is readying our initial wage and benefits proposals, to provide fair, guaranteed wage increases, limit burdensome employee fees and contributions, and protect our defined benefit pension.

As union members, our wage increases are negotiated. In our current 5-year agreement that expires on November 30, 2016, we won Teamster raises that far exceeded non-represented employees over the same time (31.3% versus 12.6%), because we have the collective power of all CX-Unit workers. Stay tuned and be active in the upcoming contract campaign actions because that is how we can regain ground against the fact that UC has held down CX-Unit’s real wages by nearly 24% over the past two decades. 

Of note during this past session, the CX Bargaining Team addressed the following issues:

  • Corrective Action / Discipline and Dismissal: The Union proposed sensible changes to protect workers when they face a disciplinary action. Our proposed changes ensure that the University will only initiate discipline for just cause and that any corrective action taken is fair and appropriate for the situation.
  • Transfer / Promotion / Reclassification: The Union proposed helpful guidelines to ensure that your service and experience working for the UC is taken into account when you apply for a promotion and that the work you are already doing is correctly classified. Too often our hard work is not respected, and these changes will ensure that you and the job that you do get the recognition they deserve.
  • University Benefits: As expected the University has proposed its misguided 2016 Retirement Tier, which includes a risky, expensive 401(k)-style defined contribution plan that would threaten the health of the pension. The Union has stressed how bad these changes are not just for the employees, but a recent independent actuarial study showed that in 15 years, 401(k)-style plan will cost the University over $500 million.
As we continue to build momentum and member power at the work place, the bargaining team will address our most pressing economic issue; ensuring that the hard work that we do is fairly compensated with guaranteed wage increases for everyone, not just a few managerial favorites – at the expense of everyone else.

The CX Bargaining Team and the UC have set dates through July and we remain busy, working on strengthening our language on the above key economic issue. As the team continues to work hard, it is critical that we all maintain support for our team. Please attend your campus meetings, join in Teamster actions, talk with your representative, and above all let your colleagues know what is going on. It remains a truism of bargaining that the real negotiations happen at the workplace.

When We Stand Together, We Win Together!

In Solidarity,

--CX Bargaining Team

Jason Rabinowitz, Chief Negotiator
Catherine Cobb, President
Mike Erazo, Berkeley & OP
Lani Richardson, Davis
Justin Stewart, Irvine
Anytra Henderson, LBNL
Jackie Spears, Los Angeles
Christy Brown-Anderson, Riverside
Peggy Morrison, San Diego
Linda Markey, San Francisco
Laurence Young, Santa Barbara
Brenda Robles, Santa Cruz

CX Bargaining Update

Post Date: May 18, 2016

Your CX bargaining team had its third round of bargaining with the University on May 9 and 10, and continued to make progress, with both sides exchanging numerous proposals and counterproposals. So far, the Union has passed proposals on nearly every article we opened, and continued to have productive discussions with the UC team. 
Of note, this past session, the CX bargaining team addressed the following issues:

  • Medical Separation: The UC proposed unacceptable changes to Article 16 that would have permitted the employer to terminate an employee who has recurring bouts of an illness. The bargaining team persuasively explained the flaws in management’s proposal, and illustrated how it would disadvantage workers at the most vulnerable time in their lives. In response to the team’s questions and objections, the University withdrew this proposal and agreed to current contract language. It was empowering to see the bargaining team working together dynamically, to defend workers’ protections and benefits.   
  • Access / Union Rights: The Union made proposals to ensure workers’ right to discuss Union matters at work and to talk to and meet with Union representatives in the workplace without employer interference.  The University passed its initial proposals on Article 1 simultaneously, and the parties will be revisiting the issue when we meet next.
  • Vacation: A major issue our workers have is being forced to use our own vacation or be unpaid during curtailment periods. In addition to a few clarifications and protections, the bargaining team proposed making available more options during curtailment, including the use of Training and Development time and other alternative work scenarios.
  • Rehabilitation/Reasonable Accommodation: The UC proposed an overhaul of Article 31. Management’s reasoning behind rewriting this article was to clean up outdated and confusing language. After carefully examining the proposal, the bargaining team submitted a counterproposal, which ensures workers won’t lose any protections, including the right to Union representation during the interactive process. Further, we are seeking guaranteed placement of an accommodated worker in a vacant position. 

After building more momentum, and member power at the work place, the Bargaining Team will move on addressing key economic issues, proposing the following:  

  • Guaranteed Wage Increases for All - Not just increases for a few favorites;
  • Protect our Guaranteed Defined Benefit Pension - No risky 401(k)-style opt out;
  • Freezing or Lowering Retirement and Healthcare Contributions - No increased cost to workers.

In addition to the above, click here to view our previous bargaining update, including some highlights of additional proposals passed by the Teamsters Bargaining Team:

  • Parking and Transportation
  • Fair and Respectful Treatment
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Subcontracting
  • Differentials
  • Travel Reimbursement
The CX Bargaining Team and the UC have set dates into July and are busy working on finalizing language on the above key economic issues, as well as studying management’s proposals and preparing counterproposals.

Thank you.
-Bargaining Team  
Jason Rabinowitz, Chief Negotiator
Catherine Cobb, President
Mike Erazo, Berkeley & OP
Lani Richardson, Davis
Justin Stewart, Irvine
Anytra Henderson, LBNL
Jackie Spears, Los Angeles
Christy Brown-Anderson, Riverside
Peggy Morrison, San Diego
Linda Markey, San Francisco
Laurence Young, Santa Barbara
Brenda Robles, Santa Cruz

CX Bargaining Update

Post Date: April 28, 2016

Our second round of CX bargaining wrapped up last week, April 20 and 21, at UC Irvine, with both sides continuing productive talks and exchanging numerous proposals. The Teamsters Bargaining Team continued to work very diligently and effectively preparing proposals and counter-proposals, and to participated at the table by asking pointed questions and providing expert testimony from their working experience.
The central theme to our bargaining continues to be that the University of California should be a force for a fair and growing economy, not a force for income inequality.  Therefore, UC must provide fair, guaranteed raises to the workers who make UC work, as well as rein in fees imposed on workers for parking, retirement, medical benefits, etc.
Here are some highlights of proposals passed by the Teamsters Bargaining Team to date:

  • Parking and Transportation: Our members are tired of seeing fee hikes eat into our raises every year, and in many places paying for parking spaces that are not always available. The Teamsters proposed to cap parking and van pool rates for the life of the contract, a guarantee that there will be sufficient parking spaces for workers who purchase a permit, and no discipline for workers who are tardy due to insufficient parking.
  • Fair and Respectful Treatment: Teamsters Local 2010 has taken the lead in fighting against workplace bullying, winning stronger language in our last contract and passing legislation requiring training for managers in avoiding abusive conduct.  However, bullying continues to be a problem at UC.  Therefore, the Teamsters proposed stronger language permitting us to take complaints of abuse to a hearing before a neutral arbitrator if they are not resolved at the lower steps of the grievance procedure.
  • Performance Evaluation: Your Bargaining Team effectively explained to the University team how the evaluation process at the University is arbitrary and inconsistent.  We brought the many dozens of different evaluation forms to the table to demonstrate that the ratings and standards are different all across the system, which is a problem when evaluations are used to determine whether we get step increases and other benefits in the contract. The team proposed that the same form should be used throughout the system to promote fairness and consistency.
  • Subcontracting: The University has been contracting out Teamster work to private companies, often out of state, that hire non-Union workers with substandard pay and benefits. Even though we have strong language preventing layoffs of our members, this practice undercuts our standards and is bad for the California economy.  The Teamsters have proposed to place reasonable limits on the circumstances in which the University may contract out Teamster work.
  • Differentials and Travel Reimbursement: Increasingly, UC has required our members to travel long distances from their normal work locations without paying mileage or compensation for their time.  Also, some members have been asked to use skills and certifications outside their job descriptions, such as translation services, without any additional compensation.  Finally, the payment for shift differentials has been applied inconsistently and unfairly across the system.  The Teamsters proposed language that would provide for appropriate compensation.

In the near future, in addition to addressing other issues, we will be proposing the following:  

  • Guaranteed Wage Increases for All - not just increases for a few favorites;
  • Protect our Guaranteed Defined Benefit Pension - No risky 401(k)-style opt out;
  • Freezing or Lowering Retirement and Healthcare Contributions - No increased cost to workers.
Protecting a Defined Benefit Pension
Of note at this last bargaining session, the UC gave a lengthy presentation on the new 2016 Retirement Tier. While no proposal was actually passed by management, the Bargaining Team an opportunity to ask questions and push back against the motivation for including a dangerous 401(k)-style pension opt out. Our Bargaining Team made it clear that the Union sees the new retirement option as a bad fix, for a problem we don’t have.
The research is clear, the economic efficiencies embedded in defined benefit (DB) pensions enable these retirement plans to deliver the same retirement income at a 48 percent lower-cost than 401(k)-style defined contribution (DC) accounts.
Considering our membership’s demographics, the difference between a DB and a DC are life changing. Women are 80 percent more likely than men to be impoverished at age 65 and older. However, where DB pension plans are more prevalent, women have higher incomes in retirement and lower rates of poverty.*

CX Bargaining Update

Post Date: April 14, 2016

On April 7 and 8, your CX Unit Bargaining Team began the process of building our new contract with two days of negotiations with the University of California. These opening rounds of talks were held at the Oakland office of Teamsters Local 2010. This represents a culmination of more than a year’s worth of work from all of our Union sisters and brothers. Your bargaining team has met together five times over the past month and put in countless hours of work on our own and in small groups preparing proposals.
We kicked off with a powerful presentation from Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz laying out our framework and position for these negotiations. It clearly demonstrated that CX workers need fair wage increases and strong protections of their earned benefits. You can view the entire PowerPoint presentation here.  Additionally, for up-to-date information and bargaining news, visit our CX Contract Negotiation page.
Ultimately, it was a productive start to negotiations. Both sides introduced a number of proposals and two items have been tentatively agreed upon. Thus far, the Union has made proposals on important issues such as capping parking fees, strengthening language to guarantee fair and respectful treatment, making the evaluation process fair and consistent, and increasing protections against layoffs.  We look forward to our next bargaining session on April 20 and 21, when the team will be ready to present additional proposals and counterproposals.

Throughout the first day of bargaining on April 7 we really appreciated seeing photos from the workplace of our members showing solidarity and support with the Sticker Day action. We wore stickers too and management was well aware that thousands of Teamsters were wearing stickers all across the state. It had a terrific impact at the table!
To learn more about the contract campaign and bargaining, attend Teamsters Local 2010’s 3rd Annual Membership Conferences, being held in both Northern and Southern California:

Membership Approves Initial CX Contract Proposals for Fair Wages and Benefits

Post Date: March 18, 2016

After months of member surveys, proposal meetings, and intensive preparation by the elected bargaining team, Teamsters Local 2010 membership voted unanimously to approve initial CX bargaining proposals at our General Membership Meeting on Saturday, March 12, 2016. The vote was taken after a detailed and thoughtful discussion, where questions and concerns were heard and answered by the Bargaining Team Members, and the draft proposals were amended to reflect issues members raised in the discussion.

Our proposals focus on winning fair raises; preventing further increases in retirement contributions, medical costs, parking and other fees; and protecting and improving our pension and medical benefits .  The proposals provided are a preliminary lists of articles that we wish to negotiate. We still have the right and opportunity to change this list as bargaining unfolds. Click here 
to view our Teamsters Local 2010 Initial Proposals. On the same note, the UC sent us their initial proposals which can be found here

The Bargaining Team is now set to take our initial proposals forward to the bargaining table at the first session beginning April 7. With an active and involved Teamster membership, we will win a fair contract to protect and improve the livelihood of all CX-Unit members. 

Thank you to all the members that attended our General Membership Meeting and stood with their Teamster sisters and brothers to move our Union forward.

When we stand together, we win together!

CX Bargaining Team Meets to Prepare for Negotiations

Post Date: March 8, 2016

The eleven elected bargaining team members came together for a three-day workshop on March 2-4, to prepare for contract negotiations. Secretary-Treasurer and Chief-Negotiator Jason Rabinowitz, with President Catherine Cobb convened the bargaining team at our statewide office in Oakland to: review survey responses, share feedback from the numerous chapter proposal meetings held across the state, discuss the importance of member communication and action, and formulate initial proposals to be voted on at this Saturday’s membership meeting.

The whole bargaining team was active and engaged in the prep-meeting. There was an overwhelming sense of camaraderie and solidarity between the chapters and their representatives. The team members are proud of their work, and invite all who can make it out our upcoming membership meeting, Saturday March 12, to vote on our initial proposals. For more information on our General Membership Meeting click here.  Additionally, the team wished to express their gratitude for the initial input and proposals conveyed by members of the CX-Unit.

Armed with member’s voices and strength, the bargaining team hopes to reach an agreement early – tentative negotiation dates have been set for early April.

The bargaining team has pledged to keep members informed throughout the process, committing to a communication piece after each meeting – this being the first of many.

Finally, the bargaining team knows as well as you do, a fair deal will not be achieved at the table with only facts and by saying ‘please.’ A fair contract is won on at the workplace through member power. If you haven’t signed yet, make sure to ask your Union Representative about the new Member Power form, and recommit to Local 2010 strength! 

-Bargaining Team

Jason Rabinowitz, Chief Negotiator
Catherine Cobb, President

Mike Erazo, Berkeley & OP

Lani Richardson, Davis

Justin Stewart, Irvine

Anytra Henderson, LBNL

Jackie Spears, Los Angeles

Hannah Ewing , Merced

Christy Brown-Anderson, Riverside

Peggy Morrison, San Diego

Linda Markey, San Francisco

Laurence Young, Santa Barbara

Brenda Robles , Santa Cruz

CX Unit Bargaining Team

Teamsters Local 2010
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