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UCSD Skilled Trades
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Post Date: March 23, 2017

We Have a Tentative Agreement! 

Congratulations UCSD Skilled Trades,

After a year of arduous negotiations your Teamsters Local 2010 Bargaining Team has come to agreement with UCSD on a new contract which includes:

  • Total 21% raise (22.88% compounded) through July 1, 2021:
    • 6% raise effective the first pay period after notice of ratification to UCSD
    • 3% raise July 1, 2017; July 1, 2018; July 1 2019; July 1, 2020; July 1, 2021
  • $2,060 lump sum to be paid at the time the raise is implemented
  • Expire 3/31/22, Union Sunshine 7/1/21, UC Sunshine 7/15/21, Bargaining begins on or about 8/1/21

Other Provisions

  • Overtime pay for over 8 hours in a day; ability to opt for Comp time or pay in January (new) and June (Article 9)
  • Minimum 1 hour pay for off-shift call and text; Assign Watch Stander by asking for volunteers, when feasible, or by inverse seniority (Article 8)
  • Increase Shift Differential 50 cents per hour (Article 41)
  • Promotions/Transfers: No job application/background check for transfers within departments (Housing, Health, Facilities), but background check (LiveScan) required for transfers between departments if not on file or if transferring into a Medical Center (Article 11)
  • Arbitration revised to give Arbitrator subpoena powers (Article 22)
  • Subcontracting: Employees laid off due to subcontracting will be eligible for employment through Temporary Employment Services
  • Insurance & Retirement Benefits – Any changes to employee contributions to UCRP must be negotiated
  • Added Irrigation Mechanics to the unit in Recognition (Article 1)
  • Parking increases limited to 10% per month per year (Article 27)
  • Positions and Appointments: 3 months of service credit for limited employees converted to permanent (Article 7)
  • Performance evaluation: Employee may have Steward at Evaluation meeting (Article 10)
  • Leaves of Absence: Significantly rewritten to clarify rights and conform with existing law (Article 16)
  • Discipline and Dismissal: Delete “oral reprimand,’ add “counseling memorandum,” which is defined as “not discipline” and is not placed in personnel file (Article 17)
  • Unit Work: Add definition of skilled trades work to help stop BMWs and other non-unit employees from doing our work (Article 19)
  • Grievance Procedure: Add a formal Step 1 after Informal, which is no longer required; improved release time for travel to and from hearings (Article 21)
  • Personnel Files: Improved right to review file, control of official file centralized to Labor Relations (Article 36)
  • Articles with no changes or minor changes: 2-Out of Classification, 3–Definitions, 4–Management Rights, 5–Nondiscrimination, 6–Probationary Period; 12–Holidays, 13–Sick Leave, 14–Vacation, 15–Military Leave, 18–Layoff, 23–Health and Safety, 24–H&S Committee, 25–Protective Clothing, 26–Uniforms, 28–Mileage, 29–Medical Separation, 30–Work Incurred Injury or Illness, 31–Reasonable Accommodation, 32–Union Stewards, 33–Labor-Management Relations, 34–Union Access and Rights, 35–Dues Deductions, 37–Training, 38–No Strike/No Lockout, 39–Death Payments, 42–Apprenticeship, 44–Severability, 45–Waiver

Ratification Vote Schedule:

Tuesday, 3/28

  • 5:30 am – 7:30 am: Central Utilities Plant Breakroom (grave & day shifts)
  • 11am – 1pm: Round Table Pizza, Price Center (day -SIO, main campus)
  • 2:00 – 4:00pm: Thornton Breakroom (Day & swing)
  • After 4:00 pm – CUP (swing shift)

Wednesday, 3/29

  • 5:45am – 8:30 am, Thornton Breakroom (Graveyard & day)
  • 5:45 am: Matt Simpson and Eduardo Rosales will be visiting SIO
  • 11:00am – 1:00pm: Hillcrest
  • 2:00 pm: Ballot Count at Hillcrest

In addition to the fixed times & locations above you can cast a ballot with members of your bargaining committee as follows:

  • SIO: See Matt Simpson & Eduardo Rosales
  • Facilities Management/CUP: See Greg Bridger
  • HDH: See Eduardo Rosales
  • Hillcrest/Thornton: See Harry Heaps and Herman Ricks

Post Date: December 22, 2016

UCSD Contract Campaign: Next Steps

After meeting with most of you  last week, we have agreement on a plan:

1. Strike vote January 17 – 19, 2017

2. Mediation January 24, 25, 30 and 31

3. If necessary, two day strike the first week of February

This simple plan allows us to go into mediation armed with the threat of a strike pressuring UCSD to come to a fair agreement. In addition, UCSD will be aware of the successful 5-day strike to be held by UCLA Skilled Trades January 6 – 10, and of the 1-day strike to be held by our CX brothers and sisters (Clerical & Administrative) on January 10 at sites across the state. The Local is also applying political and other pressure to UC.

Teamsters Local 2010 filed additional charges against the UCSD on 12/19 for its ongoing bad faith conduct, specifically walking away from the table on November 28 and cancelling negotiations scheduled 11/29 and 30, and then reneging on its promise to engage in mediation in December (see attached).

We will be filing charges against the University for illegal interference in Union meetings by managers at Thornton on 12/15/16. In addition, we have retained a law firm in San Diego to file charges against the University and the UCSD police department for its illegal interference in our November 17 strike.

We had all hoped to have our raises and a fair contract in hand by now, so it is disappointing that the University has refused to agree to our fair demands for fair wages, and protections from increased costs for health insurance and retirement. UC has proven that under the fine image it projects lies a cold, hard employer that favors wealth and privilege over justice for working people. So we will have to fight more and harder to stop the continuing erosion of our ability provide for our families.

Have a happy and safe holiday and New Year.

Post Date: December 2, 2016

Management Refuses to Move on Wage Proposal

Your Teamsters Bargaining Committee met with the University on Monday, November 28 in a good faith attempt to reach a fair contract after our successful strike. Unfortunately, management came to the table with nothing but an offer to limit the number of employees a Lead supervises to 15 and a counter on the Holidays article that rejected our proposal to improve compensation for holiday work.

Management flatly refused to move on their wage proposal (6% now, 3% in 2017, 2018 & 2019, 0% in 2020, $950 lump sum). They would not discuss health and retirement benefits or other outstanding issues. Instead the University proposed going to mediation, and abruptly cancelled bargaining sessions scheduled for November 29 and 30.

Teamsters Local 2010 will be filing additional charges against the University for these actions, which constitute bad faith bargaining.

Your Teamsters bargaining team remains committed to winning fair wage increases, retroactive pay for two years without a raise, and protecting our health and retirement benefits.

We have informed management that if there is no agreement in the coming weeks we will be looking at escalated strike actions.

In addition to the two Skilled Trades units at UCLA and UCSD, Local 2010 is in negotiations for its 14,000 clerical (CX) unit members, whose contract expired on November 30. Local 2010 is planning a series of coordinated strike and other actions by all 3 units to occur in January. Our combined power and action will escalate the pressure on UC to come across with fair contracts for all UC Teamsters.

In the coming days another strike vote for UCSD Skilled Trades will be held to approve a 2-day strike in January. We had a significant impact on November 17. It is time to follow it up with an even harder hit.

Let’s all get ready to show management that we will fight for the respect, fair wages and contracts we deserve. We will win, but we must continue to push.

Post Date: November 21, 2016

UCLA & UCSD Strikes Send Strong Message

Hundreds of skilled trade workers across UCLA and UC San Diego went on a strike on Wednesday, November 16 and Thursday, November 17 protesting the University’s unfair labor practices. Virtually all Skilled Trades workers walked out.
Our unified actions caused critical repair work to grind to a halt, construction sites to shut down, and scores of delivery trucks to turn back. Hundreds of medical appointments were canceled or rescheduled. We generated intense and widespread press coverage, making our actions the story of the day, and forcing UC management to answer tough and embarrassing questions as to why they are not treating their workers fairly.

Our lunchtime rallies and the power of our pickets spread across both campuses showed UC the power that critically important workers can exercise when unified in a common purpose.
The skilled trades workers provide the critical maintenance that ensures that hospitals, patient care clinics, conference facilities, sporting venues, student housing and instructional buildings will operate smoothly and safely.  Elevators, computer systems, heating, cooling and electrical systems may not be fully operational during the 24-hour strikes.
Notice was provided to the UCLA and UCSD administrations, giving the university more than the legally required 10-day notice to transfer patients and ensure that the public, students, staff and faculty are protected from harm.
Now it’s time for UCLA and UCSD to come back to the table and bargain in good faith for fair contract.

Post Date: November 9, 2016

Over 90% of UCSD Skilled Trades Vote to Strike

In a powerful rejection and protest of the unfair practices committed by UCSD, including the unlawful refusal to negotiate retroactive pay, over 90% of UCSD Skilled Trades voted to authorize a strike.

The strike notice sent to UCSD says, “Please consider this official notice to the University that the UCSD Skilled Trades workers will be striking November 17, 2016.” The press release we will be putting out tomorrow, says the strike “will affect UCSD operations on campus and at the medical centers. The Teamsters advise the public to reschedule all nonessential medical appointments and to avoid the campus on that day.”

Your Teamsters Local 2010 Bargaining Team meets with UCSD next Monday, November 14 at 2:00 pm to give the University a last chance to avert a strike.

If it is necessary to strike, be aware of a few things you need to do to make sure it is successful:

-We will be engaging in an Unfair Labor Practice charge (ULP) strike, which means we have all agreed to stop working to protest the University’s unfair conduct

-We will be conducting an activity that is protected under the law

-You cannot be disciplined, fired, or replaced for participating

-Probationary employees are expected to participate in the strike action; Teamsters will vigorously defend you from any retaliation for participating in this legal, protected activity

-You are not paid for the time you are on strike – no sick, vacation or comp time can be used

-All members of the UCSD Skilled Trades unit are expected to participate by walking off the job starting at midnight, November 17 and reporting to the picket line at the designated time and location

-The strike will start 12:01 am, November 17 and continue through to midnight of November 17

-Strike Day Action and Picketing schedule, instructions and sign-ups will be coming your way soon

Post Date: May 10, 2016

Management Reneges on Agreements

On March 17, 2016 the parties agreed to continue negotiations where they left off last year, including keeping the tentative agreements (TAs) that had already been reached. On March 29, management reversed its position saying it would agree to only 7 of the 15 articles that had been TA’d and was holding the others for “legal review.” There is no reason for legal review now of agreements made just a few months ago. If such a review was truly necessary, it would have and should have been done before these articles were originally agreed to.

On March 17, the parties agreed that the Union Committee would be released to prepare for negotiations in advance of each of the 2-day sessions proposed by management: April 26–27, May 18–19, June 1–2, 16 – 17, and 28–29. On March 30, management denied agreeing to release the committee in advance of each of these sessions and said it would not agree to future releases automatically.

On April 7, 2016, Teamsters Local 2010 wrote a letter to UCSD objecting “strongly to the University reneging on its commitments to pick up negotiations where they left off last fall and to release the Union Bargaining Committee.” The Union had previously expressed the desire to “expeditiously reaching a fair agreement in a harmonious and cooperative manner” but noted that “the University’s first acts in this process are unfortunate and are a cause for concern going forward.”

UCSD Skilled Trades Building Teamster Power

On April 26, your Teamsters Bargaining Committee informed management that 195 of the 209 Skilled Trades employees at UCSD—over 93%—have signed Teamster Local 2010 membership applications. 131 members – 63% of the unit – voted in the recent election to fill the Bargaining Committee election.

Over 100 members signed the petition demanding honest and fair negotiations and more are signing every day. And we have just begun. Management complained that we were mean to them, but it was managers at SIO that held a meeting with employees threatening them with discipline for engaging in union activity. The Union responded with a letter calling management out on this illegal behavior saying “Teamsters Local 2010 will vigorously defend the rights of skilled trades employees at UCSD to engage in union activity free of intimidation, threats and retaliation.”

Management Proposals Sloppy and Aggressive

  • At our April 26 – 27 negotiations, Management proposals included:
  • A complete rewrite of the Military Leave Article, but would not explain what the changes were or why they might be necessary. It appears to add certain limits and restrictions to current language.
  • A complete rewrite of the Reasonable Accommodation article also with no explanation or identification of a problem that it addresses.
  • Changing the Sick and Vacation leave articles to use the new “Factoring” system that has upset so many employees. In response the Union wrote a letter to management on the bungled rollout, “the transition from a monthly paycheck to a bi-weekly paycheck resulted in a paycheck with less than ½ of the pay and accumulated benefits employees were used to seeing. This caused great confusion and consternation.”

Teamsters Demand Fair Pay, Fair Treatment, and Respect

Your Teamsters Local 2010 Bargaining Team responded with proposals including:

  • Out of Class pay language that would require pay at the higher rate starting the first day of the assignment.
  • Actions taken under the Management’s Rights article be grievable and subject to arbitration and that limits on the right to negotiate changes in working conditions be eliminated.
  • To allow grievances of bad performance evaluations to be taken to arbitration and for Stewards to be present at PE meetings.
  • Limits on the ability of Management to use lower paid classifications, such as Building Maintenance Workers, to perform the work of skilled trades workers.
  • Free parking. UCSD employees pay $1,000 per year for a “hunting license” – the right to come to work, search for a parking space and hope to get lucky. It is outrageous.
  • Requiring the University to provide Safety Equipment and pay the full cost of required safety shoes.

Tentative Agreements Reached on Easy Issues

Despite the bad faith behavior by management, your Teamsters Bargaining Team came to agreement on several articles that are not controversial:

  • Article 5, Nondiscrimination, was modified to prohibit retaliation for bringing a discrimination complaint.
  • Article 6, Probation, is unchanged, with a probationary period of 6 months.
  • Article 37 Training and Development is unchanged and requires the University to pay fees and costs for any mandatory training.
  • Article 42 Apprenticeship, and the Addendum were also agreed to with no changes, facilitating joint work on management’s proposal to implement a new Trade-Up program for Electricians, Systems Operators, Carpenters and Plumbers in Facilities Management.

Post Date: April 22, 2016

Post Date: February 12, 2016

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UCSD Skilled Trades Bargaining Team

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