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UCLA Skilled Trades
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Post Date: March 16, 2017
UCLA Skilled Trades Update

Dear UCLA Skilled Trades Worker, 

Your K4-Unit bargaining team continues to work diligently, through the state appointed mediator, to reach an agreement with UCLA.  While a formal mediation session was cancelled this week, the team met the end of last week, and has been working through the mediator to exchange proposals and get to a tentative agreement. As you know, the details of these mediation proceedings are legally confidential but we will provide further information, as soon as we are able. 

Stand Together, Win Together!

Post Date: December 22, 2017
UCLA Skilled Trades Strike January 6 - 10, 2017

Notice of 5-Day Strike Sent to UCLA

On December 20, Teamsters Local 2010 sent notice to UCLA that “Skilled Trades workers will be striking from 12:00 midnight on January 6, 2017, until 11:59 P.M. on January 10, 2017.” (see attached). Teamsters Local 2010 also sent notice that members of its statewide CX (Clerical) unit will strike for one day on January 10, 2017. (Attached)

Legally Protected – Management Cannot Retaliate, Threaten or Interfere

These strikes are legally protected unfair practice strikes. It is illegal for management to threaten, intimidate, coerce, retaliate or otherwise interfere in this strike.

We have reports that some managers are suggesting that employees could be fired or otherwise disciplined for participating. This is not only false, it is illegal for a manager to make such comments. Please report any such incidents and we will file charges against UCLA for illegal interference. See the attached “Memorandum re Right to Strike” for details.

All UCLA Skilled Trades are Expected to Participate, Including “Essential” Employees and Probationers

“Essential Employees” Some Elevator Mechanics, Engineers and other “critically necessary” workers have expressed concern that if they abandon their posts or fail to respond to a call they could lose their job, license or right to practice their trade. This is absolutely false.

The legally required notice to UCLA says, “We want to ensure that UCLA takes every action necessary to prevent unnecessary harm and inconvenience to the public, patients, students, staff and faculty.” This is so UCLA can make arrangements to cover for you and ensure there is no harm to patients, students and the public. Under the law, once notice is given, it is up to the employer to ensure critically necessary services and functions are covered.

If UCLA feels that an employee is essential and should be barred from striking, it can make that case and win an injunction. UCLA did not assert this for last month’s strike and potentially “essential” employees who struck at UCLA and UCSD last month did not suffer any negative consequences.

Probationary Employees are also expected to participate in the strike. As stated above, it is illegal to retaliate against any employee for participating in a strike and this includes probationary employees. Skilled trades probationers who participated in the one-day strikes at UCLA and at UCSD did not suffer any negative consequences. That is because if the employer were to let a probationer go they would have to prove it was not retaliation. So probationers who participate actually have better protections than those who don’t.

Strike Sign-Ups start January 3

Your contract, your raises and your benefits are at stake here. Our power is in our unity. We will  need strong pickets through the entire 5 days, and especially on Move-in Weekend and special events such as the Stanford game on Jan 8. Your job during the strike is to join the picket lines.

You can sign up for your shifts through your bargaining committee member, at the Strike Sign-up lunchtime table at Med 200, or via email to your Teamster Local 2010 Organizer.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday and New Year.

Post Date: December 8, 2016
UCLA Gives Last, Best, and Final. Vote to Accept or Strike Next Week

Your Bargaining Committee and 99% of over 200 of your co-workers who met at Stein Auditorium December 6 voted to reject UCLA’s Last, Best and Final offer and strike UCLA in January. The attached offer includes:

- The same immediate 12.5% raise, and 3% per year in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, with no retro pay.

- A devious and divisive sliding scale signing bonus plan with different amounts for different classifications ranging from $0 for some Facilities Workers to $2,300 for Lead Elevator Mechanics.

- Weakened Grievance and Arbitration process.

- The unilateral right to change employee benefit plans and share of cost.

- Weakened Layoff protections.

- Elimination of UCLA’s obligation to negotiate changes in policies, work rules and procedures.

- The right to unilaterally contract out our work.

Strike Vote Next Week

Prepare to Strike – Cease All Work to Rule Action: OK to work overtime, call-back, etc.

You can vote at any location.

Lake Arrowhead members will be contacted directly to ensure their participation.

Post Date: November 23, 2016
Mediation Reaches No Agreement

Today your Teamsters bargaining team conducted another mediation session with UCLA management in a good-faith attempt to reach a fair contract after our successful strike last week.  Unfortunately, management moved very little on their proposal for a signing bonus, and refused to improve at all on their previous proposals regarding wage increases.   

Management continues to refuse to bargain regarding retro pay, and did not move on any other issue.  Therefore, we ended mediation without reaching an agreement.
Your Teamsters bargaining team remains committed to winning fair wage increases and a signing bonus that compensates us after four years without a raise, and protecting our health and retirement benefits.
We have informed management that if there is no agreement in the coming weeks we will be looking at escalated strike actions. We have gone without a raise for four years, and continually had to deal with management’s unfair and disrespectful treatment.  
Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with your families. Let’s all get ready to tell and show management that we deserve fair treatment, respect, and fair wage increases.
We will win, but we must continue to push.

Post Date: November 21, 2016

UCLA & UCSD Strikes Send Strong Message

Hundreds of skilled trade workers across UCLA and UC San Diego went on a strike on Wednesday, November 16 and Thursday, November 17 protesting the University’s unfair labor practices. Virtually all Skilled Trades workers walked out.
Our unified actions caused critical repair work to grind to a halt, construction sites to shut down, and scores of delivery trucks to turn back. Hundreds of medical appointments were canceled or rescheduled. We generated intense and widespread press coverage, making our actions the story of the day, and forcing UC management to answer tough and embarrassing questions as to why they are not treating their workers fairly.

Our lunchtime rallies and the power of our pickets spread across both campuses showed UC the power that critically important workers can exercise when unified in a common purpose.
The skilled trades workers provide the critical maintenance that ensures that hospitals, patient care clinics, conference facilities, sporting venues, student housing and instructional buildings will operate smoothly and safely.  Elevators, computer systems, heating, cooling and electrical systems may not be fully operational during the 24-hour strikes.
Notice was provided to the UCLA and UCSD administrations, giving the university more than the legally required 10-day notice to transfer patients and ensure that the public, students, staff and faculty are protected from harm.
Now it’s time for UCLA and UCSD to come back to the table and bargain in good faith for fair contract.

Post Date: November 3, 2016

Overwhelming Vote for UCLA Skilled Trades Strike

In a powerful rejection and protest of the unfair practices committed by UCLA, including the unlawful refusal to negotiate retroactive pay, UCLA Skilled Trades voted 96% to 4% to authorize a strike.

Immediately after the votes were counted earlier today, Teamsters Local 2010 wrote to UCLA, “Please consider this official notice to the University that the UCLA Skilled Trades workers will be striking November 16, 2016.” The press release we will be putting out tomorrow, says the strike “will affect UCLA operations on campus and at the medical centers. The Teamsters advise the public to reschedule all nonessential medical appointments and to avoid the campus on that day.”

Your Teamsters Local 2010 Bargaining Team meets with UCLA in Mediation next week on November 9 to give the University a last chance to avert a strike.

If it is necessary to strike, be aware of a few things you need to do to make sure it is successful:

-We will be engaging in an Unfair Labor Practice charge (ULP) strike, which means we have all agreed to stop working to protest the University’s unfair conduct

-We will be conducting an activity that is protected under the law

-You cannot be disciplined, fired, or replaced for participating

-You are not paid for the time you are on strike – no sick, vacation or comp time can be used

-All members of the UCLA Skilled Trades unit are expected to participate by walking off the job and reporting to the picket line at the designated time and location

-Picket instructions and sign-ups will be coming your way soon

Post Date: September 2, 2016

No Money, Says UCLA

UCLA Management came to the first day of bargaining proposing to alphabetize the articles in the Union contract, but had nothing to say about raises for UCLA Skilled Trades employees who have gone 4 years without.

“Unacceptable,” said Jason Rabinowitz, Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer and Chief Negotiator. “This is a very significant problem.  Management is not willing to come with an economic proposal doesn’t bode well.”

UCLA stated that they needed to request authority to present a wage proposal while having more than ample time to receive approval.  UCLA recognized Teamsters Local 2010 on April 22, 2016. UCLA had authority to offer SETC an 18% raise on October 21, 2015.

Though not prepared to talk about wages, they had proposals to:

  • Reorganize the order of the articles in the contract
  • Take away critical rights to negotiate changes in work rules and other matters
  • Require a review of every single article in the contract, or deem it removed from the contract, a process that only serves to further delay an agreement
  • Make minor changes to a host of articles, such as adding the word “and,” even though they admit it doesn’t change the meaning of the language

Teamsters Push for a Fair & Quick Agreement

In dramatic contrast, your Teamsters Local 2010 UCLA Skilled Trades Bargaining Team came to the table fully prepared to quickly come to agreement on a fair contract, with a small number of proposals narrowly focused on critical issues.

Click here to view the Local 2010 wage proposal presentation.

Your Team proposed:

  • Immediate wage increases of 20.39%, a signing bonus of 20.39% and raises of 6% per year in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  • Maintain existing health and retirement benefits without any increased cost to employees for the life of the contract and rejected UC’s 2016 tier, which would undermine your UC Retirement Plan
  • Remove restrictions on skilled trades employees’ rights to:

  • Honor picket lines
  • Engage in activities such as rallies and petitioning on your own time
  • Post information critical of the University on Union bulletin boards

  • Allow Teamster representatives to meet with new employees at New Employee Orientations
  • Provide for the use of a Teamsters membership application, remove the intrusive requirement that the Union provide UCLA with copies of its financials, which are Teamster member’s business not UCLA’s
  • The final proposal to be submitted is to limit the University’s ability to subcontract skilled trades work thus protecting employees from layoffs

As a further effort to move things quickly your Team “Tentatively Agreed” (TA’d) to 17 articles proposed by UCLA, which involved little or no change to existing language.

The articles that were TA’d were: Labor-Management Relations; Bargaining Unit Work; Medical Separation; Nondiscrimination; Uniforms, Tools and Equipment; Sick Leave; Severability; Safety Lockout Program; Joint Labor-Management Safety Committee; Training and Development; Reasonable Accommodation; Probationary Period; Positions and Appointments; Personnel Files; Performance Evaluation; Holidays; and Vacation.

Post Date: August 23, 2016

Your Teamsters Local 2010 Bargaining Committee met for the first time on July 19, and agreed that we want to move quickly to negotiations and expedite the reaching of an agreement with UCLA that provides fair raises that make up for the almost 4 years this unit has gone without.
With this goal in mind, the Union’s Initial Proposals were sent to Management last week, proposing:

  1. Fair wage increases,
  2. Maintenance of existing retirement and health benefits without increased costs,
  3. Honoring of the tentative agreements reached during negotiations that were interrupted last year,
  4. Adjusting the Dues article to meet Teamster requirements,
  5. Protections from Subcontracting,
  6. Improved Union Access and other rights, and
  7. Modifications to the No Strike/No lockout article to provide protections for concerted activity.
Despite its prior stated commitment to move quickly to reach agreement, UCLA’s Initial proposals propose to reopen negotiations on 36 of the 45 articles in the contract. This position is consistent with our experience at the UC San Diego Skilled Trades table where after months of contentious negotiations, the Teamsters Local 2010 Bargaining Committee, frustrated by management’s stalling tactics and unwillingness to address the concerns of Skilled Trades employees, is preparing for work actions. Click here to view the UCSD bargaining update.
The UCLA Skilled Trades Bargaining Team will meet on August 26 in preparation for our first negotiations meetings with management scheduled for August 30 and September 2.
Meanwhile, we are urging UCLA Skilled trades Teamsters to stay united and prepare for a fight with management to win a fair contract quickly. Teamsters Local 2010 Organizers Al Cetina and Sam Carlin are organizing for a general membership meeting and will be tabling in your area soon.

Our next major action will be a march and rallly in Hollywood on Friday, September 23 where thousands of Teamsters from across the country will join Teamsters Local 2010 to demand that the University of California agree to fair wages and fair contracts for UC workers.  Click here and sign up today.
In Solidarity,
Rob Leonard
Skilled Trades


Post Date: May 31, 2016

To All UCLA Skilled Trades Teamster Members:

The votes for the UCLA Skilled Trades Bargaining Committee Structure election have been counted and the results are:

Option 1 – 259

Option 2 – 34

Option 3 – 39

Option 4 – 43

Void ballots – 6

Total votes cast – 381 (64% of the unit)

Click here to view the Election Certification form signed by those present at the count certifying the results. All lists, envelopes and ballots will be kept and are available for review in case anyone wishes to inspect them.

Option 1 is the overwhelming winner. This means that we will be accepting nominations for each of the seats described in Option 1 effective immediately. You can nominate yourself, or you can nominate someone else and if that person accepts the nomination, the individual will be on the ballot.

Nominations are to be made by emailing me at and should provide the following information:

1. Name of nominee (person being nominated)

2. Name of person nominating

3. The seat for which the person is being nominated

4. The nominee’s job classification, and work area / shop / facility

Over the next few days we will be organizing our database so as to identify which employees are represented by which Bargaining Committee seat; that is to list the individuals who work in each of the “Work Areas” identified in the chart in Option 1. This will define who will be eligible to vote for which seat and and who each bargaining committee member will represent and be accountable to.

In addition, all those wishing to run for a seat on the Bargaining Team should know that they will be required to sign and abide by the conditions laid out in the attached Bargaining Committee Job Description, which was drafted and approved by hundreds of your co-workers.

Congratulations to all of you on bringing us to this very significant moment. In a few short weeks we will have democratically elected a bargaining committee with the participation of a significant majority of the members of the unit. This will bring us to the table strong and ready to win a fair contract, the raises you have been waiting so long for and the respect you deserve.

In Solidarity,

Rob Leonard


Skilled Trades

Post Date: May 16, 2016

UCLA Letter: Engineer Job Specs

Post Date: May 13, 2016

Teamsters Letter: Engineer Job Specs

Post Date: May 8, 2016

UCLA Skilled Trades Bargaining Committee Structure Election
Secret Ballot Vote Rules & Schedule

Eligibility to vote: Any member of the UCLA Skilled Trades bargaining unit that has submitted a completed Teamsters Local 2010 membership application shall be eligible to vote. Completed membership applications may be submitted when voting.

Vote process:

  • One paper ballot vote per member. Votes will be cast in person at the times and locations set out below.
  • Each eligible voter will arrive at the vote location, provide their name, complete a membership application if one has not been recorded previously, and sign the eligible voter list.
  • The voter will be given a paper ballot and a security envelope. The voter will mark the paper ballot, selecting one of the options, fold it up, place it in the envelope, seal the envelope, sign and print their name of the back of the envelope, and place it in the sealed ballot box.

Ballot Count:

  • After the voting process is completed, the vote count will be conducted at the time and location designated below. All members who wish to observe are welcome.
  • The ballot boxes will be unsealed and each envelope containing a ballot will be checked against the signed voter list to confirm its validity. Ballots in envelopes with illegible or unidentifiable names/signatures on the security envelope will NOT be counted. If there are two or more ballots for a person, those ballots will NOT be counted.
  • Each sealed envelope will be opened and the ballot removed. The empty envelopes and ballots will be placed in separate piles. After all envelopes have been opened, the votes will be tallied and the result will be announced.
  • The option on the ballot with the greatest number of votes will be the one that will be implemented.









5:30 am - 7:30 am Facilities Management, Carpentry Breakroom

5:30 am - 7:30 am Facilities Management, Carpentry Breakroom

5:30 am - 7:30 am South Zone CHS A3 - 129

7:00 am - 11:00 am Lake Arrowhead

11:00 am - 1:30 pm On-Campus Housing, Blue Goose / Carpentry Shop

11:00 am - 1:00 pm Royce Hall, North Zone Engineer Shop

11:00 am - 3:00 pm Off-Campus Housing South Breakroom

10:30 am - 12:30 pm Santa Monica Cafeteria

11:00 am - 1:00 pm Facilities Management, Carpentry Breakroom

12:30 pm - 2:30 pm Off-Campus Housing North Breakroom

11:00 am - 1:00 pm Facilities Management, Carpentry Breakroom

4:00 pm Ballot Count Local 2010 Office, 1401 Westwood Blvd, 3rd Floor

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm Medical 200, B-130 (Breakroom)

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm On-Campus Housing, Blue Goose / Carpentry Shop

10:15 pm-11:00 pm Santa Monica Hospital Cafeteria

7:30pm - 10:45pm

Ronald Reagan


Before and after work
During lunch and breaks
Don’t vote during work hours

Post Date: May 4, 2016

Teamsters Local 2010
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