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CX Tentative Agreement


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Through our organizing and display of strength at the worksite, we moved the University to a Tentative Agreement that will help and protect all CX-Unit workers. We pushed the University off their initial proposal of an insufficient 7.7% wage increase over the term, to a guaranteed 19.4% compounded increase over a 5-year Agreement. All raises in the contract are guaranteed, even for those at the top of the range, and not dependent on “merit” or favoritism.
  • $1200 Lump Sum on Ratification (eligible non-probationary career employees - for details see FAQs)
  • Guaranteed 6.1% Compounded Raise by July 2017 (3% on ratification & 3% on 7/1)
  • Guaranteed 19.4% Compounded Raise Over the 5-Year Agreement
Your elected Bargaining Team and Local 2010’s Executive Board unanimously recommends the adoption of the Tentative Agreement reached with the University of California on March 21, 2017. After a multi-year strategic campaign comprised of building Union power, worksite actions, and ultimately a system-wide strike, Teamsters Local 2010 has achieved a Tentative Agreement (TA) for the 12,000 administrative, clerical, and support workers.
The Tentative Agreement includes a number of hard fought and won protections with respect to wages, benefits, and working conditions. Through our worksite actions, we’ve achieved the best deal possible for CX-Unit members, with a guaranteed 19.4% compounded wage increase over 5-years and a number of protections as we face an uncertain future.
Highlights of the Tentative Agreement are as follows:
WAGES (except LBNL)
  • Provides $1,200 Lump Sum on Ratification - taxed as wage payment not a bonus.
  • Guarantees a 6.1% compounded increase for all unit employees by July 2017
  • Guarantees a 19.4% compounded increase over Agreement.
  • All raises guaranteed -- no unfair “merit”-based scheme for raises, including at LBNL.
  • Reopener for wages, to ensure fairness and equity. 
LBNL Wages
  • Guaranteed 3% increases: October 2016, October 2017, October 2018
  • Retro payment back to October 2016 (in lieu of lump sum)
    • Subsequent raises to be negotiated.
  • “Merit” pool eliminated – all raises guaranteed. 
  • 5-Years: Expires March 31, 2022.
  • Protects affordability, by capping the University’s ability to increase employee contributions.
  • Ensures continued affordability of coverage by adjusting Pay Bands with inflation.
  • Maintains current medical plan options and benefit levels. 
  • Maintains guaranteed defined benefit pension plan for all current and future employees.
  • Safeguards against increases in employee contributions requiring the UC to bargain with the Union over any proposed changes.
  • New employees will have a choice between a defined benefit pension or a defined contribution retirement plan.  
  • Protects our right to join together and take action as Teamsters to improve conditions.
  • Requires UC to provide progressive discipline before terminating an employee, except for severe misconduct. 
  • Protects Union access to the workplace, to communicate with members.
  • Honors our Member Power Form.

This achievement is due to the hard work, dedication and commitment of Local 2010 members, activists, and leaders. A huge thank you goes out to all of us who showed our strength these past years during member power building campaigns, numerous legislative visits, and countless workplace actions which escalated as negotiations progressed.  By standing together as Teamsters, we showed the true power of solidarity.

In the coming weeks, you will have a chance to vote on this Tentative Agreement. Remember, only full-Teamster members can vote - membership forms will be available at polling places.  We encourage everyone in the CX bargaining unit to sign up for full membership and let their voice be heard.

You can find a summary of the TA here.  Information on the voting timeline and procedures, as well as the full text of the Tentative Agreement, and FAQ's will be sent out in the coming days.
In Solidarity,

CX Bargaining Team and Local 2010 Executive Board

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TA Summary

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CX Tentative Agreement Full Text

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